Restoration in action

We offer a comprehensive restoration service that can embody all aspects of a clock regardless of condition. From a basic clean and service of the movement to a complete restoration of a clock that has been recovered from the back of a cow shed. The following prices are approximate and are for guidance only.

Restoration of movements

Basic clean and service of a movement:
Full service including new lines ( 8 day movements) and new pendulum suspension. Minor repairs and adjustments such as basic bushing and polishing pallets etc. are included.

Prices From ...
420.00 for longcase 8 day.
340.00 for 30 hour.
220.00 for a single train english fusee.
320.00 for a twin fusee.
150.00 for a Vienna Sp.

Napoleon Hat Clocks
180.00 Three train Westminster
150.00 Two train time and strike

Restoration of dials

Dial restoration:
Dial restoration can range from a basic enhancement to a complete restoration. Please contact us for an estimate.